Jastrzebia Gora is located in the immediate vicinity of the Nadmorski Landscape Park (Seaside Landscape Park). This area is recognized by unusual sightseeing values. We encourage you to visit the Cape Rozewie Reserve. The beginning of the path leading through the reserve is located by the lighthouse, continues along the cliff and border of the reserve – next to trees qualified as nature monuments, descends to the sea with the bottom of the gorge called Lebski Zleb, then runs along the sea shore from where the rocky shore leads towards Jastrzebia Gora and the first going through Lisi Jar comes to the obelisk, which was erected in 1928 commemorating the adventure of Zygmunt III Vasa – in 1598, the king’s ship crashed on the coast near Lisi Jar. Lisi Jar, on the other hand, is an erosive cut between Rozewie and Jastrzebia Gora with a depth of 50 meters and steep slopes overgrown with beech forest. Among over 100 years old beeches we can meet individual specimens of birch, wild pear, spruce and rowan. Forest fleece forms hazel, juniper, blackberry, raspberry and hawthorn shrubs, as well as smaller vegetation such as: fork, ivy, orchid and heather.